Avoiding Urgent Care with Homeopathy


My 6-week course designed to teach you the basics of acute prescribing for home use.



In this 4 week class, you will discover:

  • How you can treat coughs, colds, and flus at home and avoid unnecessary trips to the Urgent Care
  • The most effective homeopathic treatment for injuries and first aid situations to provide relief to yourself or your family members
  • How to use The Complete Homeopathy Handbook to match a remedy to just about any acute illness state
  • The top uses and keynotes symptoms for the 36 remedies included in the Helios Deluxe 36 Remedy Kit

It is my intention for you, when you are done with this class, that you will feel confident and prepared in approaching the treatment of acute illnesses at home for most situations. Of course, there will always be situations when we want to call upon the help of a homeopath for acute care, and in those cases, having taken this course, you will be able to deliver better information to your homeopath who can suggest a remedy for you or your loved one.


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