Have you had a homeopathy success story lately?

Just the other night, homeopathy saved us. It happens all the time, yet sometimes I do take it for granted. My 2 year old wasn’t feeling well, kept waking up in pain, and was generally miserable! A quick reference to my homeopathy books and I was able to match her to a remedy and she drifted off to sleep within minutes. My husband, who had been the one rocking her, came out and simply said “you’re a witch!”

Of course, I took that as the utmost compliment! I’m a confident and competent homeopathic Dr. Mama aka a “witch doctor” 🙂

Are you?

I ask you, not to make you feel less-than, if you aren’t. (Because, trust me…it took some time for me to get this way, and boy do I remember being in your shoes! Feeling completely clueless. What do you mean, the “symptom picture”?  What about 30C vs 200C vs 6C? What the heck is succussing, anyway?!)

I ask, because I want to help you to gain that competency.

Are you prepared to use homeopathy or other natural means to take care of your family in the case of accidents, traumas, or acute illnesses?

Do you know what kinds of things you can safely treat on your own and when you need to enlist the help of a professional homeopath?

Are you comfortable using the resources such as The Complete Homeopathy Handbook in order to select remedies for acutes that don’t present in the typical way?

IF you answered “no” to any of the above, or if you have no idea what in the heck I am even asking you, then you would hugely benefit from taking my upcoming online course, “Avoiding Urgent Care with Homeopathy.”

I’ve re-designed this course from the ground up to bring you the BEST content, to ensure that you finish this course with the tools you need to confidently and competently take care of your family.

To actually avoid the urgent care.

To empower you. As Mom.

Or Dad. Or Grandma. Or Aunt.

To empower you as a HUMAN, who should have the basic skills to take care of your own health in non-chronic and non-life threatening situations.

(I believe you should also have the skills to take care of our own health, chronically, via the best nutrition possible, employing a homeopath or other healthcare provider only when nutrition fails. But that’s a subject for another email!)

My Avoiding Urgent Care class starts on January 8. (Yes, it’s held LIVE and ONLINE. This is quite possibly the very LAST time I’ll run this class in this format, so you don’t want to miss it!) It lasts 4 weeks, and each class is 2 hours.

Last time I taught this class I went over the 36 remedies in the Helios deluxe 36 remedy kit. I’ve upped my game, though, and I’m bringing you the top 50 remedies found in the Washington Homeopathics 50 Remedy Kit. As a part of the course, you’ll receive a PDF handout with my notes on these remedies, including the keynotes and common indications.

I’m also bringing you, as a bonus, common “naturopathic” remedies that you can use to support your loved ones through illness and acutes. These are things like common herbal remedies, vitamins, or tips and tricks you can use while you are selecting the remedy that is homeopathic to the case.

So, let’s recap:

Class is 4 consecutive Tuesdays, 6-8 p.m. MST (8-10 p.m. EST), January 8-29.

Class WILL be recorded, so if you have to miss, you can make it up.

You can attend class from ANYWHERE because it’s ONLINE.

With the class, you’ll receive:

  • PDF handout of the top 50 remedy keynotes and common uses.
  • BONUS PDF handout of the common naturopathic home treatments for common acutes
  • Access to my PRIVATE Facebook group reserved for my students only where you can continue your studies for long after the course ends.
  • Recordings of each class so you can review the material as much as you’d like
  • 10% off the 50 or 100 remedy kits (good any time before class ends).

I hope you’ll join me in this class. My greatest honor and privilege is to be a homeopath, and I love sharing the knowledge of this incredible healing modality with others. If you have any questions about the class please let me know, and I look forward to seeing you in class!

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