This week I want to tell you about one of my favorite remedies of all time – Arsenicum Album, or just Arsenicum (abbreviated Ars.) for short.  This remedy is a polychrest, meaning it’s good for many different conditions, acute and chronic, and has affinity to many parts and systems of the body.

Arsenicum is the first remedy to think of for food poisoning. Particularly the type where you can’t decide which end it’s going to come out of, so you end up sitting on the toilet with a garbage can between your knees, and you feel like you’re going to die.

In fact, this fear of death or feeling like you will die is a big part of Arsenicum. The person who needs Arsenicum is restless and anxious. They desire company (they don’t want to die alone! Or, perhaps if you don’t leave their side, they won’t die, after all!)

As for the restlessness….mental restlessness – they simply cannot decide where they want to sit or lay down. They may be restless and moving from place to place. From bed to the couch to the guest bed to the lazy boy. You get the idea.

Even though they have all this movement, they have great prostration, which is a fancy way of saying they are quite tired. Possibly more tired than you expect they would be for how ill they look. Exhausted. Laying on the couch or bed.

They may be worse from midnight to 2 a.m. Keep Arsenicum in mind when your child wakes up at midnight, sick, and doesn’t want you to leave their side.

Another clue for this remedy is that the Arsenicum patient is thirsty for small sips of water, frequently. If you place a glass of water beside them, notice they often reach for a small sip (compare with Bryonia, who will chug the whole glass!).

Arsenicum pains are burning, and better for warmth. Keep this in mind for a burning sore throat that feels better for warm drinks. This is a strange, rare, and peculiar symptom for Arsenicum. Burning, yet better for heat. Odd, right?

This remedy is useful for so many different ailments – from sore throats and colds to flu like symptoms (especially GI flu), and even asthma attacks (with restlessness, anxiety, and fear of death. When you see burning pains better for heat, thirsty for small sips, and/or GI distress, think of Arsenicum.

Do you have an Arsenicum success story? I’d love to hear it! Leave a comment and let us know!