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Let’s Talk About Potency

I get more questions on potency than just about any other topic on my Facebook group - Homeopathy with Jenna - so I thought I would do a post on it! There are three aspects of potency we need to consider - the first is what is written on the vial of homeopathic...

Treating the Person

During a conversation with a friend the other morning I was reminded of how little about homeopathy is known and understood by the general public AND even by many people who are interested in holistic health and who tend to gravitate towards natural remedies...

What Is Homeopathy?

Have you heard about homeopathy, but you aren’t sure what it is? You’re not alone! Homeopathy is one of the most mis-understood systems of medicine out there.  And, even though it is the second largest system of medicine in the world, most people in the United States...

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