Bryonia is an incredibly useful remedy for first aid and acutes. Its hallmark keynote is “worse for slightest movement”, and as such, think about it for situations such as injuries where every little movement hurts. I have used this for the after effects of bicycle crashes where the knee has been twisted and scraped, is very painful, and is worse for the slightest movement.

The bryonia pains are also better for pressure, so you’ll see the patient pressing on his head if he has a headache, or wanting a tight ace bandage wrapped around a twisted knee, etc.

Where Byronia really shines for most people is in coughs, colds, and flus. The Byronia cough is dry and painful. The patient can often be seen holding his chest during a cough and will complain that taking a deep breath is painful or will bring on a coughing fit. The Bryonia cold and cough will often move from the head to the chest.

Bryonia is also great for headaches – those that are worse for movement, better for pressure, and accompanied by thirst.

I use the phrase Bryonia “The Bear” because the bryonia patient is grumpy, and doesn’t want to move, similar to a hibernating bear!  They will not enjoy your questioning them about their symptoms! And even if they are already at home, you may hear them saying “I want to go home” – perhaps back to their den?! Bryonia patients can also be preoccupied of business, worrying or dreaming about their work or business even while sick….perhaps complaining that they are sick because they don’t want to miss work.

Some people also called Bryonia “dry-onia” because the bryonia patient is very thirsty and everything is dry dry dry. Dry cough, dry mouth, dry lips. Dryness in all regards.

One use for Bryonia that can be extremely useful is if you have appendicitis-like pains. Abdominal pain, worse for movement, and better for pressure. You may notice this patient is also thirsty or grumpy, and those things will surely lead you to Bryonia! (If you suspect appendicitis, please make your way to the ER, but take some Bryonia on the way, if the symptoms fit.)

Do you have a Bryonia success story? If so, I’d love to hear it! Post in the comments so we can all learn from each other.