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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is based on the law of similars, that is, the idea that like cures like.  The law of similars goes back more than two-thousand years to the time of Hippocrates.  However, it wasn’t until the late 18th century when a physician by the name of Samuel Hahnemann formalized the principles of healing into what we now call homeopathy.

Any form of healing that utilizes the law of similars can be called homeopathy. However, it’s generally accepted that homeopathy uses highly diluted, potentized medicines in order to help the body bring about a cure.

Hi! I’m Jenna

I am passionate about teaching other moms the power of using homeopathy on their own families for first aid and acute care.

Together we will:

What your concerns are

What you would like to achieve

Learn how homeopathy can help

Decide on a course of action

Create goals

Discover homeopathic remedies

Identify action steps

Implement strategies

Track progress

Make adjustments

Take the First Step to Health!

Happy Clients!

I was referred to Jenna by a friend and was a bit skeptical about the whole process but decided to hire her to help my son with his asthma. I was impressed with the amount of time she spent going over his entire health history from birth to current. I’ve never experienced someone in the medical field addressing a patient as a whole and wanting to find a solution and not just recommending a band-aid treatment.  She is so thorough with her questions and documents everything so she can continue to build the patients health history for future use. I am happy to say that by hiring Jenna, we’ve been able to take my son off of steroids (which the asthma doctors wanted me to use daily)! We’ve drastically reduced the amount of times we’ve needed to use albuterol and he is overall a healthier kid. I am so thankful for her knowledge and skills and being able to help him. 

I was so impressed with the results of her treatments that I decided to hire her to help me with my diary allergy. After she matched a remedy for me, I’ve been able to eat dairy without symptoms! This is a game changer for me. She has also helped my other son with his sensitive skin issues. 

Along with the above mentioned constitutional care, Jenna is also amazing at treating acute symptoms. She has helped our family time and time again and I am forever grateful for the referral and taking the leap of faith and trusting the remedies would work for us. I love that the remedies are natural and she teaches you how to use them yourself which is empowering to know I can help my family when we need care. 

I have recommended her to several friends and will continue to do so because homeopathy has made such a huge impact on our lives. 

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to hire Jenna, DO IT! You won’t regret your decision. She is passionate, knowledgeable, skilled and excellent at what she does. 

Alisa L

I cannot sing enough praise for Jenna. I came to her after having my daughter under constitutional care for just under a year with another homeopath. I was looking for a homeopath that was easily reachable for the acute issues that sneak up on us and someone who would deal with my anxiety that seems to center around illness. In the time my family has been working with Jenna, she has exceeded my expectations. She readily has an answer for all of my endless questions and is gracious with her responses. She never has made me feel like I am a burden. When my daughter came down quickly with flu-like symptoms, Jenna was so easy to get a hold of and scheduled a consult that same day. She remained available throughout the duration of the virus and was ready to chat whenever the symptoms changed, or I just needed a good pep talk to get through it. Jenna loves to heal and that is so apparent in every short (or long) chat we have had and I can’t thank her enough for the improvements she has already helped my daughter achieve.”

Emily R

One of my favorite things about homeopathy is that it treats the whole person, not the “disease”. Over the last 18 months, I’ve hired Jenna to help our family with acute illnesses and constitutional care. I’ve been amazed. She’s caring, detailed and a very talented homeopath who listens to all your concerns.

Here are just a few of our successes:

  • Strep: Daughter recovered from confirmed strep in less than 24 hours without antibiotics. She was better before the results came back from the lab.
  • Dry eyes: Tears used to evaporate in 3 seconds, now last 10 seconds.
  • Headaches and Brain Fog: Headaches melted away in seconds.Brain fog dissipated.
  • Burns: Stopped hurting within seconds and no evidence of burn the next day.
  • Stomach bug: I couldn’t let anything touch my lips or I’d start vomiting. Jenna suggested I try a specific remedy. I vomited one last time and instantly felt an improvement. I was able to drink water again and was better by the end of the day.

Jenna has also been a great guide on my own search to understand homeopathy. Her “Avoiding Urgent Care” class is a great place to get familiar with some common remedies and treating the basics.

My only regret is not knowing about homeopathy and finding Jenna sooner.

Lidia K

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