A little way to reframe all these “bugs” going around….you or your child being sick is a GOOD thing. The vital force operates at a certain frequency or level or vibration. Let’s go with vibration.

When you are born, your vibration is high (most likely) and you tend to get little colds and flus – basic surface stuff. If you are left to fight those off naturally, or use homeopathic remedies, your vibration actually gets higher.

If you use allopathic medicine which suppresses the dis-ease into the body, your vibration lowers. As you get older, you may actually get fewer colds and flus, but you tend to get more serious diseases. Things like recurring UTIs or kidney infections. As those get suppressed, they will turn into perhaps cancer, or an autoimmune disease. As your vibration lowers you become susceptible to the diseases that are of lower vibration or basically WORSE (more internal, more critical, greater pathology) and you actually become less susceptible to the mild, acute diseases such as common colds and other acute illnesses.

An extreme example is someone with full blown psychosis is rarely sick with an acute illness. When they do get sick acutely, it is observed that their psychosis disappears (however, the acute illness is typically extreme or even fatal). The vital force can only be attuned to one vibration level at a time.

As we treat the body homeopathically, with potentized medicines, we are able to raise the vibration level of the individual. Thus, your susceptibility to chronic, serious diseases lessons, but your susceptibility to acute illness actually increases. This is why, when you are healing, you may actually get sick MORE than when you were “ill”.

It’s good to know, however, that you can continue up the vibrational scale to a point where your susceptibility to even acute illnesses lessens. This is the ultimate in health that we are all striving for. 💕