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Homeopathy Services

Initial Consultation

In this 1-2 hour appointment we review your complete health history and I select a homeopathic remedy to support your vitality and encourage your body to return to health. Consultations are held in my office in Bozeman, via Zoom, or at your home.

Follow Ups
 These 30-60 minute appointments are typically scheduled monthly, but can be scheduled when you need them. The purpose of the follow up is to track progress, change a remedy as needed, and support you on your journey to healing with additional lifestyle advice or problem solving. Follow Ups are held in my office in Bozeman, via Zoom, or at your home.
Acute Consultations

 These 20 minute appointments are designed to support you through a non life-threatening acute illness such as the flu, colds, coughs, vomiting, diarrhea, teething, injuries, etc. Follow ups include 3 days of email/text support. Acute consultations are held usually via phone but can also be held in your home.

I Help With

Increased Energy

Better Sleep

Improved Resilience to Illness

Reduction of Symptoms

Lessen Anxiety

Happier Children

Creating Healthy Lifestyles




Stomach Bugs



Initial Consultation


In-Depth Health History

Establish Goals

Plan Course of Action

Homeopathic Remedy


90 Minute Session


Follow Ups


Track Progress

Monthly or As Needed

Additional Support

Other Lifestyle Changes

Adjust Homeopathic Remedy

30 Minute Session


Acute Consultation


Telephone Consultation

Injury or Illness Support

Homeopathic Remedy

Email Follow-Up


20 Minute Session


Find out about healthy lifestyle and healing options.

Let’s Talk!

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